Build a winning business

If you already have a good accountant read on: this is for you

Here at Grants Chartered Accountants we are offering a range of business services not designed to replace your regular accounting arrangements but to support them. There's only one aim:

To build a winning business

The Business Club package is a tailored service that allows you to tap into our expertise when you need it at a cost negotiated by you. We can add value and really make a difference to your business.

We work closely with banks and other agencies to assist with business development, corporate finance, due diligence and forensic accounting.

Our service is proven, as this quote testifies:

'Since we have been with Grants our business has prospered. They gave us good advice both professional and personal and offered ideas on where we are going. It's important to get sound advice to get there.'

This is from one of our clients whose business has grown 300% since they joined us. Do you know we have many more like them!

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We enjoy meeting like-minded business people who may be interested in discovering how Grants could be of benefit to their business. Do it now to accelerate your progress this year. Either email your details to or download and print off the pdf file and fax it back.

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