Case studies

Case studies to demonstrate a track record of innovation and success.

Cash flow: We enabled a well-known firm of solicitors to improve their margins and reduce costs resulting in significant tax savings and better cash flow management.
Profitability: We contributed to improving the gross and net margins of an established restaurant. We provided forecasts and management accounts, identified and amended errors made by the previous accountants and implemented significant cost-reduction strategies.

Litigation: In a complex case involving pollution caused by the activities of a neighbour, we helped a local PLC to provide proof of loss of productivity. In the absence of management accounts, we produced contemporaneous records resulting in a favourable out-of-court settlement exceeding £1million.

Inheritance Tax Planning: Assisted a high-net-worth family to significantly mitigate their over £5m inheritance tax liability by implementing innovative investment strategies.

Incorporation and succession Planning: In transitioning from LLP to limited company, we interacted with HMRC’s specialist valuation team to smooth the process, enabled company directors to withdraw funds, implement retirement plans for company partners with well-mitigated tax liabilities when withdrawing amounts exceeding £1million.

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