Director mentoring

Define your position by discovering your strengths

You are a leader because you chose not to be part of the race. Instead you were driven by your passion to create something on your own.

The extraordinary business that you created as an entrepreneur is proof of your business acumen and leadership prowess.

Our business coaching programme is aimed at empowering your entrepreneurial qualities with selected strategies for improvement. We acknowledge that all answers lie within our clients. We therefore workcollaboratively with our clients to evolve solutions that are specifically suited to their business and management needs.

Director mentoring programme is meant for those who wish to enhance their knowledge and understanding of business principles and practices.

Unlike other coaching programmes, it does not presume and prescribe but is intended to stimulate original thinking and act as a catalyst to enable participants to arrive out solutions to real life situations.

The programme starts with a detailed review of:

  • the business owner’s own objectives
  • the existing business plan (if available)

At that point, each assignment is customised and different. We engage with clients once or as most clients prefer, on an ongoing basis three or four times during a year.

Some of the reasons why clients enrol for the Director Mentoring Programme are:

  • To increase knowledge. We complement our skills and diverse experience with the client’s inherent strengths.
  • To improve perspective. The ability to refer and discuss issues objectively with a third party is often the only opportunity available.
  • To discipline peer pressure. Often entrepreneurs only have themselves to rely on to ‘do’ things. The Programme functions as reference point to guide and assist the entrepreneur on what if mostly a lonely journey to achieve business improvement and realising business objectives.

Director mentoring aims to bring a shift in leadership attitudes and perception so as to enable business owners to establish a roadmap for success. It will make you lead with purpose and inspire your staff to make authentic contributions to your success.

Learn to be a leader who matters. If you wish to join the Director Mentoring programme, call us at 0113 233 8600 or e-mail us at

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