Mediation & dispute resolution

Dispute resolution

Employ expert skills to safeguard your interests

Disputes cost businesses dearly and it is in the best interests of both parties involved to use mediation as an initial step before seeking legal recourse. Using an expert mediator who is skilled in evaluating such situations objectively can save a lot of time, effort and money in resolving disputes, involving individuals, companies or both.

Grants Chartered Accountants are Qualified Dispute Resolvers (QDR) accredited by the Academy of Experts. We can assist in resolving disputes when all parties involved have agreed to mediation.

This is particularly useful in the achievement of an early and cost-effective settlement of a dispute and in avoiding litigation which can be costly and time-consuming. Our approach is to act as a neutral facilitator appointed by the parties to assist in reaching a settlement through structured negotiation.

Expert witness

We can act as an independent, experienced professional in a commercial dispute, act as a Financial Investigator to assist you in presenting your case, or act as a Single Joint Expert in Court.

Quantum calculations

We can strengthen your legal case by computing quantum calculation on Personal injury, Medical Negligence, Commercial compensation, Business valuations, Matrimonial settlements, Tax and VAT prosecutions and Loss of earnings.

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