Corporate recovery

Most business failures are the result of oversight. Bad debts, reduced market demand, excessive borrowing and low property values are some of the common causes which lead to difficult situations. Many business mishaps can be averted by identifying these signs of adverse business health in their early stages and taking preventive action.

If it is necessary for your business to go into administration, receivership or insolvency, our team of professionals can offer specialist advice and guidance to assist you in your financial recovery. However, at Grants Chartered Accountants, we recommend conducting periodical business health checks to detect any early signs of financial difficulties and take preventive action.

Seeking professional assistance in a timely manner can significantly reduce the risks involved.

  • Avoid committing offences under the Insolvency Act
  • Eliminate the possibility of fraudulent trading, misfeasance, wrongful trading and preferential or undervalued transactions
  • Prevent liquidation or receivership by taking steps to improve cashflow and profitability
  • Create opportunities to trade out of the difficulty by implementing an individual or corporate voluntary arrangement

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