Mergers & acquisitions

The need for growth and expansion along with market imperatives to stay competitive often leads businesses to engage in a merger or acquisition. Not only is initiating and managing these complex relationships time consuming, they need to be backed by proper research and skilful negotiations to ensure a positive outcome.

If your business is considering being part of a merger or acquisition, then you definitely need professional support and assistance to ensure your business interests are met.

There are many possible ways in which we can help.

  • Identify potential prospects for M&A
  • Screen potential candidates for suitability
  • Prepare a negotiation strategy
  • Raise the necessary capital
  • Develop and integration plan
  • Optimise the tax and financial position of the combined enterprise

In the event, you decide to improve your profitability through a disposal; we can assist you in valuing your assets, finding suitable purchasers and negotiating the sale. When your business and profitability is at stake, it is worth taking professional guidance to safeguard your business and personal interests.

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